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…the stuff you never see in the surf shop!

Buy a board = get premium fins at discount $

Buy any board (new or used) from and receive 25% off any fin set in stock! just add to cart and use promo code: UPGRADE offer expires December 31, 2015 Modern day surfing as we know it wouldn’t be the same without fins. Surfboard design is a whirlwind of design theory and application. The … Continue reading Buy a board = get premium fins at discount $ »

Open House November 27th, 2015

Stretch Boards is hosting a holiday open house event on Friday November 27th. We’ll be swinging open the factory doors to anyone who has always been curious as to what goes into making a custom built surfboard. There will be light refreshments, beverages, working factory tours and face to face customer support for any surfboard … Continue reading Open House November 27th, 2015 »

Peter Trow’s Kite Foilboard

Peter Trow is one of the most understated and crafty watermen in the business. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you. His earnest approach to watercraft is awe inspiring. Here’s 4 questions with Pete on his new Stretch Foilboard: “What was the influence for wanting to get a custom Stretch foilboard made?” Most foil boards … Continue reading Peter Trow’s Kite Foilboard »


Learn Stretch’s thoughts and guidelines on how to order dims for sizing up from your daily driver. You’ll need that extra little bit sooner or later. How much extra? Which model? What dims?

Here’s 5 questions and 5 answers from the cigar toting man massaging the foam on your next board Continue reading »