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“What’s he riding?” Willy Aliotti’s blacked out quiver

Check out what models William Aliotti regularly packs into his bag for travel. height/weight: 1.75m  by 70 KG (5’8″ 165lbs.)   All boards built with: CFT medium construction 4oz. RWG + 4oz. bias S-glass bottom / 4oz. bias S-glass + 6oz. RWG deck 2.1pcf Marko Foam EPS core 1/8″ bamboo stringer deck channels 3k uni-directional … Continue reading “What’s he riding?” Willy Aliotti’s blacked out quiver »

Speak softly and carry a big foil

Perennial waterman Peter Trow floats along with his custom Stretch foilboard. photo/video/edit by Ian Boyd Hydrofoil Surfing with Peter Trow from Ian Boyd on Vimeo. So…. what exactly are Stretch and Pete putting together? Modified No Friends model 5’10” x 20″ x 3″ EPS/EPOXY light construction with stringerless 2.1pcf Marko foam blank and some carbon … Continue reading Speak softly and carry a big foil »

Nathan Fletcher “Follow Your Mission” presented by Nixon

Nathan Fletcher is human. He faces challenges like you and I but perhaps on a different scale…   click on link to learn about Nathan’s daily routines, being a parent and his method of cell rejuvenation Follow Your Mission With Nathan Fletcher, Presented by Nixon

2win fin ride review with Darshan

Two fins in it to 2win it from Stretch Boards on Vimeo.   Surfer: Darshan Gooch Height/weight: 6’4″ 185lbs. Board model: 2win single wing swallow tail Dimensions: 5’11” x 19.75″ x 2.375″ vol. 32L Construction type: Varial foam core  (no deck channels) + CFT std glassing + carbon tail strips Fins used: futures Akila Aipa … Continue reading 2win fin ride review with Darshan »

William Aliotti joins the NIXON Pro team

Nixon | Welcome William Aliotti to the Team from NIXON Europe on Vimeo. Not too unlike motorcycle clubs compelling you to work for that 3-piece patch, showing your worth and earning the respect of the vanguard, you can’t just join the Nixon team. One has to be voted in by the other members in order … Continue reading William Aliotti joins the NIXON Pro team »

What Dane Rode for SITD2.0

13 unmarked 6’0″ shortboards. 1 anonymous pro surfer. The challenge to create the most high performance surfboard design was underway for the second iteration of Stab Magazine’s resplendent feature project “Stab in the Dark” featuring Dane Reynolds in South Africa. If you missed the full video then do yourself a favor and indulge 1/2 an … Continue reading What Dane Rode for SITD2.0 »

Where’s Sancho – INDO EDIT

Benjamin Sanchis, a.k.a.- “Sancho” has the grueling task of traveling around the world to hunt down mind bending barrels for the enjoyment of your viewing pleasure. WHERE IS SANCHO l KANDUI from FTR Films on Vimeo. Buzzsaw 5’10.5″ x 19.35″ x 2.5″ bat tail CFT med. construction FCSII quad with “feathered brush fade” colorwork by … Continue reading Where’s Sancho – INDO EDIT »

get lost in the Chilean Fog with William Aliotti

“You Only Tell the Truth in the Dark” documents a journey through the Chilean landscape with William Aliotti and Sebastien Zanella of Desillusion Magazine. This video is a somber and introspective look at what drives us into exploring the unknown. It reflects the urgency in each of us to go out of our comfort zone, … Continue reading get lost in the Chilean Fog with William Aliotti »