Test Drive “5150+” featuring Nate Zoller


Not many can say they had a year like Nate Zoller for 2023. Featured in Roark X Surfline’s recent “Travelers” series “Going where you haven’t been” Nate travels all over the world absorbing different cultures and scoring a ton of different waves.

One might ask “What is living the dream?” All signs pointing that this might be the blueprint. Nate is on a screamer with no signs of slowing down.

We caught up with Nate early in the year with a couple board ideas and from his past “Test Drive” on the 5150, it only seemed right to do a sequel with the more traditional outline 5150+

Enjoy this rail clinic from Nate and for the less traveled viewer, your next surf trip is one click away!

Video/Edit: Isaac Zoller



5150+ 5’7 x 18.5 x 2.15 – Vol. 27 liters





Fins used:

Stretch Quad and True Ames KC Hex-Core Thruster 


Initial thoughts/Expectations?


I had high expectations for the 5150 from all the praise Nathan Fletcher gave the board. But after my first wave I knew what he was talking about. Right away the 5150 seemed like it had an extra gear of speed when transitioning in between turns. The board would go where my mind wanted it to, which is an immediate indication of a magic board.  My second board, the 5150+ in CFT, took a little more getting used to. Once I learned how to adjust for the lateral flex I started to understand how good the board was on rail, especially coming out of turns.


Ride experience?


I rode both boards all over California and it feels like it really comes to life in waves under head high. 




I love how fast the board is right when I stand up. The board feels really solid under my feet when I am approaching a section. My only dislike of the board is that once the waves get to a certain size and power it gets a little hard to control the bottom contour. 


5150/5150+ Comparisons and differences?


The 5150 feels more like a skateboard style board, the 5150+ is more traditional looking from the POV paddle perspective. Both boards are really good on rail, but I feel the 5150 is better in the air for me. 


Summary (synopsis, recommendations or overall feeling you would tell a friend)


I ride the 5150 and 5150+ almost every session around home in California and they don’t even have any pressure dings yet. If you are after something totally unique to spice up your surfing the 5150 is the board. The 5150+ is awesome for when you need a little more paddle power. I recommend this board to all my friends. 


More nose, more rocker

Photo: Nate Zoller


Photo: Nate Zoller