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GRISTLE | Keanu Miller

Keanu Miller takes us along for the ride re-capping his travels from this past year. From Hawaii, Indonesia and back home in OZ he certainly held nothing back and should be primed for a even heavier 2023. Visuals pieced together by Tai Jennison, sit back and enjoy!

Additional Footage: Dav Fox James Kates Tim Bonython Mikey Conlon Hannah Anderson Andrew Kaineder Davis Koorey Sam Tolhurst Tyg

Photo Soundtrack: Fire on the Mountain (I-II-III) – by Wand


Keanu’s 2022 Quiver (Stretch Australia) Glass Hut


Square One- 6’1 x 19 x 2.5 – Vol. 31.1l.


Square One- 6’2 x 19 x 2.5 – Vol. 31.57l.


Square One- 6’4 x 19 x 2.65 – Vol. 34.3l.


5150+ 5’10 x 19.25 x 2.3 – Vol. 31.4l.


IWNW- 6’0 x 19 x 2.5 – Vol. 31.5l.


Picking up some Freshies from the boys at Glass Hut (Stretch Australia)

“Stocked, locked and loaded” Hawaii Quiver


Late Drop — Jamie Mitchell Hosts Nathan Fletcher



0:00: Global influence of Dad Herbie Fletcher, Herbie starting the JetSki movement, Different alternative parenting, Growing up a Fletcher, Quitting surfing as a teen and going to snow/skate, Finding his own path in the world

10:16: Motocross influence, Breaking something and getting to know fear in order to come back to surfing, Getting good at multiple disciplines

15:45: Gotcha Pro event in Tahiti, Quitting motocross to surf the event, Getting the wave of his life in event, Doing the Surfing Magazine Air Shows, Getting sponsored by Vans,

22:31: Becoming a heavy waterman, Using a helmet for safety, Tom Carroll’s helmet advice, Starting to tow then going back to paddling in in 1998, Using a life vest for big waves back then, Adrenaline as therapy

37:34: Big waves/Nature connecting humans to each other, Being in “the zone,” Vulnerability making you a better person, Quads on boards and Nate’s influence, Quads vs thruster vs twin fins in big waves

53:36: Giant Cloudbreak with Bruce Irons, Kohl, and Hippo, Tahiti Code Red Swell, The Wave of the swell and the wipeout,

1:06:16: Close call in Chile, Nearly drowning in Chile, His epiphany after that, Why he still surfs big waves, His realization

1:15:57: Nathan’s 5-to-Finish Questions

Eimeo Czermak’s New Edit “Bloom”

“Meet The Gnarliest Unsponsored Sixteen-Year-Old On The Planet”- Stab Magazine

Team rider Eimeo Czermak starts 2020 off with a coming of age re-cap highlighting his past year back home in Tahiti and his time training on the North Shore of Hawaii.To those who have seen his progression over the past 3 years its no secret…. Eimeo is an absolute animal and is only getting better with a tenacious work ethic and incredible support surrounding him in and out of the water in Tahiti. Originally coined “One of the worlds most tubed 13-year olds on earth”  from Surfline in 2017 for his edit at the time called “ROOTS”. Its only natural to progress into his most recent stage fittingly named “BLOOM”. Sit back and enjoy, 3 years from now you will be happy you did!

P.S. if you are wondering who filmed and edited this visual montage look no farther then the Czermak family themselves,

VIDEO: Jeremie Czermak

EDIT: Eimeo Czermak


Eimeo’s 2019 Quiver


Buzzsaw Sk8- 5’7 x 18.3 x 2.05 


2×4 Legacy-5’8 x 18 x 2.25


IWNW- 5’9 x 18.1 x 2.2


Square One- 5’9 x 18.1 x 2.2


2×4 Legacy RP-5’10 x 18 x 2.25


Lil’Buddy- 5’10 x 18.25 x 2.25


Square One- 5’10 x 18.2 x 2.25


SemiGun- 6’0 x 18 x 2.3


2×4- 6’1 x 18.25 x 2.35 


Semi Gun- 6’3 x 18.2 x 2.4


Semi Gun- 6’5 x 18.3 x 2.5


SemiGun- 6’6 x 18.2 x 2.4


Semi-Gun- 6’6 x 18.4 x 2.6 


Semi-Gun- 6’8 x 18.5 x 2.7 

Darshan Gooch keeping things loose

Surfer: Darshan Gooch

Height/weight: 6’4″ 185lbs.

When did you start surfing twins?

One of my first subscriptions to Surfing magazine in the early nineties, there was a feature on a variety of different fish’s ( I believe it was before Lost’s 5’5” x 19 1/4” video.) Probably in my early teens that whole fish revolution wave came through. And then again down the road in the early 2000’s. Luckily I had some friends that allowed me access to some classic twin keel type boards that really freaked me out a little bit.

There has been some dabbling through the years.

When did you switch to surfing twins exclusively?

Probably 2 plus years ago now. I purged all my thrusters and just went head first into a twin fin exploration.

Reason for the change?

Well, I think I was just having so much fun! Originally I had this mind set that I was riding twins because they thrived in small surf and it was something different. Then I kinda got to this place where I only wanted to ride contemporary short boards when the waves were really good.

But honestly, the first 2WIN I got from Stretch started shining in decent waves as well. I just felt some electricity and excitement, so there was an eagerness to keep going / learning!

After spending nearly 25 years forcing thrusters in all types of conditions, I think it just felt good to be a little more loose and free in the approach. It kinda became a quest for me to see if we could get the twins adapted to good surf, even though others had already done it before.

One of the things I appreciate about Stretch’s approach is he doesn’t want to take the shortcut and see what or how others are doing it with their equipment, he insists on honoring the process and finding his own way. Further down the road, Stretch explained to me that these twins were basically a modern version of the boards he was ridding at some of the beloved home spots years ago.

What boards do you opt for during winter swells? 

All depending of coarse, but mostly ranging from 6’1” to 6’10” single or double wing round pins . All twins, no trailer fin. Tazy has been ridding twin fins at Mavericks for some years now.

Has surfing twins limited any of your performance surfing?

Good question! On this twin fin journey, I have basically relinquished my mental association with “performance surfing”. It’s all just been learning a new dance. You can do everything as one would on a three or four fin surfboard. There is no limitations, it’s just an altered approach I think. Part of it is learning to engage in your rails a little more and utilizing the outline of your board. Naturally twin fins are fast, so you are giving less effort and receiving more. Tighter angled trajectories become a little different because you are usually working on bleeding speed just as a race car might be down shifting into a turn before accelerating .

What do you want to improve on design/surfing with the current boards?

It’s been great fun! Mostly I am happy with my boards and where we are at right now in the process. We have been working on various flex patterns and playing with different constructions. Also, Now we have kinda moved into some different outlines as well. Basically just keep the learning and passion moving forward. That’s where the fun is at for me.

What’s next? 

Well, I think we are in a pretty good place. I don’t think I will be going back to thrusters at this point personally.

More recently Stretch and I have moved into some more classic type twin fish’s. Perhaps there is some opportunity to explore the balance between performance capabilities within that particular genre of the twin keel fish.

Cheers Darshan!


Board model: 2win – 5’11 x 19.75 x 2.4 – Vol:  31.1L.

2WIN- 5'11 X 19.75 X 2.4 - VOL: 31.1L.



Board model: Retro 2win Fish – 5’10 x 20.5 x 2.4 – Vol:  34.6L.

A perfect fit for open face waves or pointbreaks, A bit cruisier and fun than serious.” – Darshan


Board model: Double Wing RP 2WIN – 5’11 X 19.25 X 2.38 – Vol: 31.13L.


2WIN DFT- 5’11 X 19.25 X 2.38 photo: DARSHAN GOOCH


“covers all the bases from average to decent waves, and fitting nicely into waves with tighter transitions.” – Darshan




Board model: 2WIN Step Up – 6’1 x 19.25 x 2.35 – Vol: 30.64L.

“Ideal for slightly larger waves,  either covering more ground (down the line speed) or a little more hold in the North / Central Ca winter beach breaks.” – Darshan


William Aliotti’s Film “NEW RELIGION”

William Aliotti is proud to release his first movie “New Religion” by Manuel Claudeville Morell. Over the past year these two have traveled far and wide to give you something special under 15 minutes. This movie represents both surfer and filmmaker in the artistic direction both William and Manuel had envisioned. With an original soundtrack from Manuel Claudeville Morell and other musicians Adrien Legrand and Arthur Labbaye. This video is one for the eyes and ears. Shot on Red Digital Cinema their is nothing left to do than sit back and Enjoy!!!! Congrats William and Manuel on the hard work this past year and for many more to come. Cheers!!

Locations: Tahiti, Canaries, Indo, France, Barbados, Chile and Ireland.


William Aliotti’s week in Santa Cruz

Your favorite frenchy William Aliotti and talented videographer Manuel Claudeville-Morell came through Santa Cruz a while back and got straight to work. With a surf, eat, surf, eat and a little sleep schedule it was one for the books. Talk about a well balanced team, you could always count on William surfing 3-4 times a day and Manuel dumping sand out of his shoes at least twice that amount.


Willy’s Asym-unicorn 6’0/5’6 x 18.4 x 2.25 photo: Dylan Andrews

A couple months ago William mentioned he wanted to try a new Asymmetrical. Stretch caved in pretty quickly and shaped him a magic stick. Forget the wallet, on Willy’s first go he dropped the entire bank account at a local beach break with fellow team rider Darshan Gooch.

PICKING FUNGI photo: Manuel Claudeville-Morell

SIDE SHOW photo: Manuel Claudeville-Morell


“Big thanks to Darshan Gooch and Stretch for the accommodation in the most relaxing place in Santa Cruz” -William Aliotti




“Probably one of the most powerful spots around this area! It’s an epic wave for airs!” -William Aliotti


INSTANT CLASSIC photo: Manuel Claudeville-Morell

WOLVES EYE VIEW photo: Manuel Claudeville-Morell

THE MAN BEHIND THE LENS, Manuel Claudeville-Morell 

L to R


5150- 5’4 x 18.4 x 2


Asym- 6’0/5’6 x 18.4 x 2.25


Lil’ Buddy- 5’9.5 x 18.4 x 2.3


TAIL TYPES photo: Manuel Claudeville-Morell


“Definitely coming back! Epic vibes, good waves! Nice people and the best Mexican food!” -William Aliotti

We will see you again soon boys!!!! – Stretch Family


TILL NEXT TIME photo: Manuel Claudeville-Morell


Want to see what William has been working on? Stay tuned for William’s new movie “NEW RELIGION” premiering June 6th at La Ruche Moderne in Anglet, France. Its gonna be a party!



Nic Von Rupp’s busy week at Mavs’

It is no secret that Nic Von Rupp has been on an all out tear these past few years. Making himself a staple name at Nazare as well as other big wave spots in Europe. With the “certain death” swell forecasted for this past week, Nic finally had the chance to surf Mavericks for the first time.

It was about 3 weeks ago Nic Von Rupp mentioned something about going left at Mavs. I quickly threw him under the bus with a IG post about his idea and he was not too stoked about the added pressure of not only surfing Mavericks for the first time but now the anticipation about going left like few before him. Moving forward leading up to the swell, I asked Nathan Fletcher if Von Rupp could use his 9’9 I shaped for him back in 2011 for the same exact reason. Nathan’s response “of course!” adding a bit more pressure to Nic’s already hectic week.


Buckled on the drop Photo: Seth de Roulet


It was early Monday morning when Nic and photographer Seth de Roulet stopped by the factory to bring in a freshly buckled 8’6 and still a good amount of enthusiasm. We got him set up on a new Stretch Tow Board and also gave him the keys to Nathan’s 9’9″ CompGun, He was back in the lineup within an hour.


Nic and Spud in the bay getting prepped Photo: @powerlinesproductions

Porcella on the ski, Von Rupp earning stripes Photo: Fred Pompermayer

 “On my fourth wave we were trying to get deeper,” he said. “And I’m bottom turning and Francisco [Porcella] is on the bowl going sideways on the ski. I just went straight, and the thing landed on me and exploded me into the air. My wetsuit ripped open, I was holding on to the vest so it wouldn’t come off. I got smoked. Eventually, he picked me up, and that was the end of the tow session.” -Nic Von Rupp


Photo: Seth de Roulet


After a hectic week of travel, broken boards, jet ski madness and an extremely sore body, Nic sent us this.


“Its been a dream of mine to huck into a Mavs Black Hole for some time, everything about this wave is scary..

The Cold, Sharks, Steep drops, big boards.. If you fall you are right in the apex of a Mavericks guillotine.

Its real deal out there.

Stretch Surfboard made a 9.9 for Nathan Fletcher to knife the left back in 2011, Somehow it ended up under my arm

That thing knifed like a 6.6.. “ – Nic Von Rupp

Photo: Manu Miguelez


“Radical Humility” a Nathan Fletcher Documentary

Stab Magazine just dropped a new mini documentary on team captain Nathan Fletcher. Filmed and edited by Michael Cukr, the film includes Dane Reynolds and plenty of past/present footage of Nathan that embodies what we all love about surfing and the Fletcher family.

“I did a lot of other things that were gnarly, but in my head I was like, ‘If that’s not gnarly, I don’t know what is,'” said Nathan Fletcher about his Code Red Teahupo’o bomb in 2011. 

Tune into Stab High’s Air Show Saturday September 22nd and catch Nathan in round 5 as well as announcing/judging the Vans Acid Drop Contest from 3:25 – 3:50pm PCT. This will be an all out shit show just before the Air Show final! Don’t miss it! 




William Aliotti joins the NIXON Pro team

Nixon | Welcome William Aliotti to the Team from NIXON Europe on Vimeo.

Not too unlike motorcycle clubs compelling you to work for that 3-piece patch, showing your worth and earning the respect of the vanguard, you can’t just join the Nixon team. One has to be voted in by the other members in order to join the elite Pro ranks of the tight knit family.

Through years of support from Nixon Europe, William’s hard work and commendable attitude both in and out of the water allowed him to prove his mettle to the surfing world. He’s just been voted in to be a full fledged member of the Nixon Family. Congratulations William!