Late Drop — Jamie Mitchell Hosts Nathan Fletcher



0:00: Global influence of Dad Herbie Fletcher, Herbie starting the JetSki movement, Different alternative parenting, Growing up a Fletcher, Quitting surfing as a teen and going to snow/skate, Finding his own path in the world

10:16: Motocross influence, Breaking something and getting to know fear in order to come back to surfing, Getting good at multiple disciplines

15:45: Gotcha Pro event in Tahiti, Quitting motocross to surf the event, Getting the wave of his life in event, Doing the Surfing Magazine Air Shows, Getting sponsored by Vans,

22:31: Becoming a heavy waterman, Using a helmet for safety, Tom Carroll’s helmet advice, Starting to tow then going back to paddling in in 1998, Using a life vest for big waves back then, Adrenaline as therapy

37:34: Big waves/Nature connecting humans to each other, Being in “the zone,” Vulnerability making you a better person, Quads on boards and Nate’s influence, Quads vs thruster vs twin fins in big waves

53:36: Giant Cloudbreak with Bruce Irons, Kohl, and Hippo, Tahiti Code Red Swell, The Wave of the swell and the wipeout,

1:06:16: Close call in Chile, Nearly drowning in Chile, His epiphany after that, Why he still surfs big waves, His realization

1:15:57: Nathan’s 5-to-Finish Questions