Stretch Boards 983 Tower Place Santa Cruz, California 95062

Stretch Boards designs high-performance EPS Epoxy surfboards, tow-in boards, kiteboards, and wakesurf boards in Santa Cruz, California

Re-Introducing | The Thing | All Around Daily Driver Shortboard

One of the most versatile boards in the Stretch line-up is The Thing, an all around daily driver for almost any size of surf. RE: 5-Fin Setup… “The Thing is truly convertible, keeping both characteristics as close as possible, it’s the perfect blend of Quad & Tri” – Stretch It’s built Epoxy Tough using our […]

Wiggolly Dantas Test Flight Stretch Buzzsaw

    Wiggolly Dantas stopped by the Stretch Surfboard factory in Santa Cruz California to pick up some new surfboards. We were bummed that there weren’t any waves in Santa Cruz, however Wiggolly was frothing to try out his new Concave Skate Deck Buzzsaw. We hunted down some little waves for Wiggolly to test out […]

Wiggolly Dantas competing in the ASP Fiji Pro Contest

Stretch team rider Wiggolly Dantas got the wildcard and will be competing in the ASP Fiji Pro contest. Wiggolly gave us a call last minute on Thursday telling us the good news and needing a fresh quiver of boards for the contest. Wiggolly jumped on a Non-Stop flight from Sao Paulo Brazil to Los Angeles […]

Stretch Team Rider Wiggolly Dantas Wins Quiksilver Saquarema Prime

Congratulations to Wiggolly Dantas who won 1st place at the Quiksilver Saquarema Prime. Wiggolly was riding a 5’11″ The Sword model. Disclaimer for those wanting to buy The Sword model: The Sword is designed for professional surfers for perfect waves Wiggolly Dantas Wins Quiksilver Saquarema Prime Wiggolly Dantas Athlete ASP Check out the Highlights Below […]

Nathan Fletcher Day in the Life on Surfline

If you’ve seen this on Surfline already that could be because you’re stuck in an office job and dream about surfing so you’re plugged into the Surfline drip feed, or possibly because Surfline always has cool shit updated regularly. Regardless, we’re proud of the legendary Nathan Fletcher for all his accomplishments and honored to have […]

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