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Peter Trow’s Kite Foilboard

Peter Trow is one of the most understated and crafty watermen in the business. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you. His earnest approach to watercraft is awe inspiring.

DSC_4246 copy

Pete and Stretch have developed numerous designs together including the PVC/Carbon towboards you see today.

Here’s 4 questions with Pete on his new Stretch Foilboard:

“What was the influence for wanting to get a custom Stretch foilboard made?”

Most foil boards are designed with racing in mind. I wanted to go with something more surf oriented but also light and strong enough to handle jumping and taking a pounding in the surf. Stretch is always willing to try new shapes and he’s a leader with composites and surfboard construction. Stretch was the perfect guy for the job.

“Why did you choose the specific shape with Stretch?”

I thought the outline of the Stretch Mr. Buzz would be perfect for the kind of foil board I was looking for. Stretch tweaked the dimensions to make it more usable with a foil, added the perfect bottom contour, a SK8 deck, the Tuttle fin box to support the foil and strap inserts.

“How does the construction and/or performance differ from other boards you have ridden?”

This board is light AND strong. Most boards I’ve ridden have either been beefed up and way too heavy or made to be light but likely to break if you push it too hard. The lightness of the Stretch foil board allows for extra speed and control while the strength gives you confidence to go for it. You’re more likely to bruise yourself before damaging the board.

“What is your best one sentence description of the sensation you feel when riding this board?”

Speed, confidence and control, the smoothest ride you’ll ever have.


5’0″ x 20.5″ x 3.5″ custom hand shaped Mr. Buzz inspired kite foilboard
SUP blank Marko foam fused 1.25pcf stringerless EPS
double 4oz. RWG direct sized E-glass top and bottom
high density sheet foam skins top and bottom
unidirectional carbon fiber tape down centerline on bottom and full perimeter rail wrap
unidirectional carbon fiber/white vectornet mesh on deck


Want to custom order a foilboard of your own? Like all Stretch boards, customization is a welcome feature of what we do. Adjusted dimensions? Bright pink airbrush? Extra heavy duty 12k carbon vacuum bagged lamination? Whatever you want, we can likely build for you. contact info@stretchboards.com to get started.


I wonder what the cruise ship folks are thinking is dragging under his board. it ain't kelp... photo: Jim Brewer

I wonder what the cruise ship folks are thinking is dragging under his board. it ain’t kelp… photo: Jim Brewer

Trow staying engaged without a rail dipping in.photo: Jim Brewer

Trow staying engaged. photo: Jim Brewer

up up and away! photo: Jim Brewer

up up and away! photo: Jim Brewer

Foilboard testing. SB. photo: Jim Brewer

Foilboard testing. SB. photo: Jim Brewer


Trow laying eyes on the final product for the first time.


not your typical tail block.


that Tuttle box is a carbon fiber sleeve housed within a high density PVC foam cassette that connects the foil strut to the deck.


scooped out nose and rearward biased volume.


when you can come into Stretch’s shaping room and not get distracted by staring at the walls then you know it’s an interesting board.


If you ever cross thread a screw on your new board then you can blame the cigar 😉


newborn foilboard coming together


Stretch carefully positions the Tuttle box for proper alignment.


strap insert placement and deck lamination ready to go.