Nathan Fletcher’s Massive Buzz Gun’s

Stretch built Nathan 2 grand daddy Buzz Gun’s for this coming winter and shares some insight to the design and characteristics.

Nathan Fletcher’s 2015/16 Buzz Gun Quiver from Stretch Boards on Vimeo.

When i have to go back and forth with our blank cutter and Stretch more times than i care to count, it means that something not so ordinary is in the works.

Stretch: “I need the biggest, thickest, longest PU blank possible to make an 11’10” Buzz gun”

We do a lot of things inside our own factory but molding extremely large PU blanks is not one of them. The resulting “El NiƱo” quiver for Nathan consisted of a 10’2″ x 20.5″ x 4.625″+ and 11’2″ x 21″ x 4.625″+

Heavy epoxy lamination over PU core, Future quad set up and Stretch’s hand painted color scheme finished it off.

Nathan dropped in to the factory this past weekend to bring them up to the Titans of Mavericks opening ceremony festivities and then back home. Thank goodness. Trying to figure out how to ship those things to Hawaii was a pain in the ass!