CFT construction = DECK CHANNELS

… not just for grabbing onto

Deck channels, a.k.a. “thumb grooves”, “love handles”, “parabolic corrugated deck gutters”….. call them what you will. They definitely make a difference.

CFT Part 2 “Theres Putty in my Channels” from Stretch Boards on Vimeo.


– Individually shaped by hand into each board, the optional deck channels moderate the longitudinal and torsional flex by foiling them according to specific depth and location. Situated for ideal tactile grip, your thumb slides into them for a firm grasp whether getting throttled duck diving that sneaker set or yanking around a slob indy air reverse.


– The relatively soft flex of the EPS/EPOXY matrix promotes the use of the deck channels in a parabolic fashion with the corrugated folding for the cloth to enhance stiffness up front while the taper continues rearward ending above the fin cluster to provide compliance and articulation where the tail will flex and be the most active.


– Included in the CFT construction package, deck channels don’t discriminate and are an option that can be added to any of the available construction types as well as tuned or left off of any CFT construction depending on rider preference.


CFT 2 deck channel vid

lightweight spackle compound applied to each EPS shape and individually hand shaped and custom tuned deck channels.



deck channels add dynamic flex by integrating oblique and compound curves into the epoxy/cloth matrix.


channels taper to zero above the fin cluster to allow tail articulation and promote energy load and release through the tail.