“Heavy Water” the ‘anti-bio’ film featuring Nathan Fletcher

Premiering at the San Sebastien International Film Festival this week will be Mike Oblowitz’s latest work “Heavy Water”.

It’s termed “anti-bio film” and highlights the world around Nathan Fletcher by delving into the episodes, people and influences within a window of time which induce more than the film title would suggest. The word “heavy” doesn’t really begin to scratch the surface.

I first heard about this project in it’s infancy when it was said that close family friend to the Fletchers, acclaimed artist and director Julian Schnabel (“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” if you’re a movie buff) was putting the pieces together on a project highlighting the Fletcher legacy. When i saw the “Heavy Water” trailer, i was excited to see how the project evolved and came to fruition.

I first learned of Mike Oblowitz through “Heavy Water” and there are a couple interviews here worth the reading:

Interview with “Heavy Water” director Mike Oblowitz

Variety Media’s interview with Mike Oblowitz

Look for the full length feature later this year and get a glimpse into life and camaraderie surrounding more than just big waves.

Click for more info on “Heavy Water” at the San Sebastien International Film Festival

alternate trailer for “Heavy Water”: