Buzz gun surfboard
Buzz gun surfboard
Buzz gun surfboard
Buzz gun surfboard
Buzz gun surfboard
Buzz gun surfboard

Buzz Gun

For shooting down the ones that got away.

Re-defining big wave paddle surfing for the next generation of chargers.

  • Designed for ultimate paddle power, control and fearlessness
  • Straighter rails and generous outline for stability in a variety of big wave types
  • Considerable bottom rocker curve for control, balance and maneuverability

Re-defining big wave board design

A modern gun for the next level charger, those who are committed to hunting down monster swells are all looking to have the same traits in their boards: paddle power and control. The BUZZ Gun is designed to provide just that and so much more…

Nathan Fletcher’s outside of the box thinking combined with his fearless approach to unfathomable wave scenarios pushed the threshold of what surfers should be doing in waves of consequence. Many have explored the big wave frontier and the BUZZ Gun has emerged as the design that straddled the dividing line of pioneers and spectators. Designed with the concept of a prone paddleboard that can be surfed like a performance shortboard, those who want to paddle into the biggest waves of their life do so on a BUZZ Gun.

Low entry to an accelerated tail rocker, parallel outline, full nose, full tail and ample volume are all designed to provide ultimate paddle power. Stretch’s “Aztec Pyramid” deck profile keeps even distribution of foam and high volume around the centerline. A steep rail profile along with the double concaves and extreme tail rocker provide maneuverability. All this equates to a board which paddles like it’s 12” longer while turning like a board that’s 12” shorter.

The extreme vee in the nose is akin to a boat hull and is incorporated to cut through chop and keep on course while the deck side features a nose scoop shaped into the front 1/3rd to induce low pressure and combat apparent wind and high speeds which are common when dropping in on massive wave faces. The deck concave keeps the nose down to reduce the likelihood of the front end taking off.

Offered in a range of sizes and constructions from fun-gun to life insurance policy required, everything from CFT medium to LEGACY heavy can be accommodated to create a biased weight preference for decentralized mass, energy load dissipation in high speed chatter or reinforcement for sending it through the boneyard when things get real. Overall control involves the complete build spectrum and each BUZZ Gun is carefully identified for it’s ultimate purpose.

Available as quad only, recommended fins are high aspect ratio 4.0” to 4.375” depending on rider, board size and location.

Recommended dims from 9’0” up to 10’6” x 20.75” x 4.0”

BUZZ Guns are custom order only. For sizing below 9’0” or over 10’6” please contact us

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