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Ultimate control when jumping, doing aerials, or aggressively turning on the wave face.

Trow Directional

Full Powered

Designed for world class kiteboarder, Peter Trow, the Trow Directional excels in strong-to-medium wind conditions.

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YES! Kiteboard

Full-to-Less Powered

Rides like a surfboard with a turbo charge! Best suited for medium-to-low wind conditions.

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Stretch's Custom Kiteboards

Peter Trow

"These are best suited for powered up riding as the thinner profile will control the power of the kite the best and also feel the most comfortable at insane speeds." -Peter Trow

PVC Carbon Composite

Stretch's custom kiteboards are made from the same construction as the tow-in boards made for surfing huge Teahupoo. This is the construction used for the Stretch Trow and Yes Models.

These boards are custom, individually hand shaped PVC sheet foam (divinycell), vacuum pressed with Stretch’s magic rocker, carbon fiber and a few other secret little “extras”. They are MUCH thinner (3/4” to 1 ¼” thick) than normal surfboards or kitesurfboards.

This provides for better edging against the kite and also allows the rider to be closer to the water for more control at high speeds– much like what has been proven by Stretch’s tow-in surfboards.

The “design circle” has come full circle with these two boards as it was the original Trow Directionals that spurred Stretch’s world dominance in tow-in boards, and now the wide point forward shapes of his tow-in boards have influenced the new YES model.

These boards are the most durable for jumping as they are built with solid divinycell cores and beefier fiberglass schedules. These are also the best suited for powered up riding (#1) as the thinner profile will control the power of the kite the best and also feel the most comfortable at insane speeds.


Move your feet to fine tune the trim of the board. Most closely resembles traditional surfing.

Custom EPS Tech

Less Powered / Crossover

Stretch's custom EPS TECH is the top-of-the-line, high-performance board for crossover kitesurfing.

Why should i get a Custom EPS Tech?

All surfboards will break if you jump them and land flat. It doesn’t matter how strong you build them, this will always happen and for a good reason. If they didn’t, your knees and legs would break instead! Be honest and ask yourself how you’ll be riding the board, your record of how you treat your equipment and then choose the right construction

EPS Tech

If you are an advanced or pro level surfer and are looking for a surfboard you can kite on, this would be the best choice! This construction offers a very high strength to weight ratio, ultimate flex characteristics and is the choice for all of Stretch's surf team. MoreLess

EPS TECH is Stretch’s high end custom construction for performance surfboards (for surfing). This construction offers a very high strength to weight ratio, ultimate flex characteristics and is the go to choice for all of Stretch’s surf team for all of their own surfboards. If you are an advanced or pro level surfer and are looking for a surfboard you can kite on, this would be the best choice, closely followed by TL2 for its added durability. The EPS Tech will heel dent from the added pressure of kitesurfing where the TL2 will take more time to heel dent. Either of these constructions can be normal paddle surfed. The EPS Tech boards will float/paddle a little better and feel better on the wave. The TL2 will be more durable over time.

The ability to order custom is where EPS TECH has it’s major advantages. Wish that Tuflite was a tad bit thinner? Hoping to find that TL2 a little bit wider? Didn’t quite feel the color on that 6’5”? Want Tuflite Durability with a TL2 feel in a custom design? Stretch Boards can make any board with a beefier construction and foam weight (2.5 pcf with a ¼” t-band and double the cloth). You can add inserts, change the dimensions and end up with a truly custom board that will keep on par with any production board and outlast any polyurethane/polyester board out there. Just make sure to specify.

Custom EPS Tech Kiteboards

$815 (pads not included)

  • Composite fin set (Future or FCS)
  • (4) 3-hole foot strap inserts for variable stance positioning
  • Double 6 oz. deck & bottom
  • 1/4" paraband bass wood stringer
  • 2.5 pcf density EPS compression molded blank from Marko foam


Fully powered using a smaller board and a larger kite.

Riding Style

Team rider Peter Trow comes from a windsurfing background and uses the pull of the kite to generate speed and power.


Less power, using the kite to get you on the wave, then using the surfboard shape and volume to surf the wave.


Less powered, but making sure the size/shape of the board allows you to normal paddle surf it when the wind drops out completely. Especially useful when traveling or spending a lot of time on the coast and only having space for one board.

Which Board To Choose?

For pro surfers like Josh, surfing a 6'0"x18.5" is easy, but if your surfing skills are not up to par, then you may need a fuller template with more thickness to be able to paddle into the wave.

Real Watersports

Read the Stretch kiteboard reviews from our friends at Real Watersports in North Carolina.

Stretch Custom Kite Reviews

Trow Directional Review

Stretch offers two designs in Custom Kite construction. The Trow Directional is the ultimate tool for high-powered, full speed ripping in the surf. While many pro kitesurfers are claiming to re-invent the sport, Trow is still years ahead of everyone else with regards to power and speed in the waves. Simply watching him on video or in person will make your jaw drop and raise the bar to as to what’s possible in the waves. The Trow Directional represents 10 years of evolving board design. Working closely with Peter for what he wants for ultimate high-speed power, maneuverability and radical action yields his international and highly acclaimed signature model.

YES! Review

The Stretch “YES!” model offers high-speed control and confidence in longer lengths compared to the Trow Directional. This shape is directly related to Stretch’s world famous tow boards, which were developed through Trow’s Directional boards. Nice circle, huh? Utilizing over 10 years of R & D, the Stretch “Yes!” model offers a more surf oriented, drivey performance that is a little less reliant on the kite than the Trow Directional, but still needs the pull of the kite to excel. The “YES!” offers unbelievably solid tracking and edging, even in choppy water, making it the perfect “first kitesurfboard” or a weapon of mass destruction for the more skilled riders out there. It is extremely versatile and handles a variety of conditions and riding styles with the ability to ride powered up while hosting unmatched glide.

The Stretch “YES!” is available stock in sizes: 5’2” x 16.25”, 5’4” x 16.5” and 5’6” x 16.75” or can be ordered custom in any dimensions using EPS TECH construction. Don’t think these widths are narrow. Wide point forward designs like the Stretch “YES!” get to their max width early and stay there for much longer than conventional shapes. This allows you to ride “narrower” boards with more control, that offer the same power and early planing as “wide point back” designs. As a gauge, you can ride these boards 4-6” shorter than the average kitesurf board, with better performance and wind range.

Stretch Kitesurfboard Reviews

Tuflite Review

Stretch makes two models in the Surftech Tuflite Construction. The Ratboy Tri-fin and the Fletcher 4 fin, both available in several sizes. The Ratboy 5’6 x 19” is a short, wide template with a wider nose and tail, making it perfect for strapless or strapped riding in smaller waves. Short, wide and flat across the deck make it the perfect board for strapless riding and jumping as well as powerful small wave surfing. This is a killer shape for most East Coast waves that lack power. The 5’10” Ratboy squash tail is a great all around tri-fin design with a very wide range of use, both wind and wave conditions and the Ratboy pintail 6’0” is the go to board for bigger waves as the pintail design will keep the board confident at higher speeds.

The Fletcher 4 Tuflite Series is a good choice for kitesurfers who want to maximize their time at the beach because these boards can generally serve as an excellent crossover board for both kiting and surfing. These boards have a wider nose and tail, which makes them stable platforms for strapless kiting and airs. The quad fin design makes edging easier and keeps 2 fins in the water (or on the waves face) when the board is railed over. This gives the rider even more speed and control. If you are a smaller rider, look at the 5’9” and 5’11”. Medium or larger kiters should check out the 6’1 and 6’5. We have even seen people ripping with a kite on the 6’10” and then paddle surfing it the same day. These boards are generally thicker, making them easier to paddle and also better for riding with less power in the kite and surfing the wave with the volume and shape of the board. The 4 fin design is killer for pumping mad speed down the line!

TL2 Review

Stretch TL2’s are available as a tri-fin with the Josh Mulcoy 6’0” squash tail and also in the full size range of Fletcher 4 fin designs. The Mulcoy 6’0” TL2 has been developed from Stretch’s custom S2 surfboard design with Josh after years of traveling the world. This shaped has a medium nose and tail template, thinner rails and a moderate single concave bottom shape. When you see pics or video of Josh destroying waves, this is the board he is riding. The TL2 construction gives Josh the durability he needs to have 1 board last the entire season and also to be able to kite and surf on the same board. If you are looking for a high performance all around tri-fin, this is your board.

The Fletcher 4 TL2s are generally thinner and narrower than the Tuflite Fletcher 4’s. This makes them sit deeper in the water thru turns and allows them to handle even more speed with confidence. The 5’2” x 16.25” will suit either the junior grom crowd (especially good for the kids who are ripping on kites these days!) or for any light to medium weight strapped riders who like to ride more powered up (Trow style). The 5’8” x 18.6” and 5’11” x 18.5” are excellent midrange boards for medium weight riders. The 6’3” x 18.6” is a really good size/shape for medium to larger riders who like just a little power in their kites but want that driving, surfy feel. This board has been very popular for crossover use this year. Stretch just released two big guy boards, 6’2” x 19” and 6’6” x 19.5”, that have nice volume and curves, making these the perfect boards for more powerful riders who also want the volume for light wind or paddle surfing crossover use.

EPS Tech Review

EPS TECH is Stretch’s highest level of custom surfboard construction. This is what the entire Stretch Surf Team calls for when ordering their own surfboards. These are the most durable of all custom shaped surfboards, allowing surfers to get a full season or more out of their boards when normally they would break in a few weeks. Choosing a board of this construction will give you THE BEST surfing performance whether behind a kite or normal surfing the board when you are striving for surf style riding like Josh Mulcoy. It will also allow you the opportunity of picking ANY shape, size, tail and fin configuration that Stretch makes in this construction, literally putting hundreds of possibilities on the table. If you are a surfer at heart and are looking for the ultimate crossover board, this is where you should be looking. EPS Tech boards are available in Fletcher 4, Ratskate, S2, S-10, “What!?!” and Quadfish designs which can all be surfed with the kite, then normal surfed when the wind dies out. These boards are not available in a “production” version and therefore can only be found at our dedicated stocking dealers, such as REAL Watersports in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.