The Wake Surfer wakeboard

Standup Paddleboards (SUP)

Over 3 decades of board building experience spanning over multiple disciplines from sailboards to tow boards and every genre of surfing in between is shown in Stretch’s designs. Utilizing extensive practices in composite technology and combining a passion for optimal wave riding enjoyment, each individually built Stretch SUP is the culmination of the highest quality which can be found in any SUP anywhere.

Stretch SUP’s are primarily wave riders. Big waves, small waves, beach breaks, reefs and points both near and far are easily handled with the correct equipment. Flat water cruisers and crossover models are available. Call Stretch for more information.


Standard wave rider SUP is 9’6” x 30” x 4.5”


Each SUP features a semi-full fish-like nose with a full outline brought back to a full tail.


Similar to all of Stretch’s high performance boards, our SUP features continuous rocker for predictability and a broadened “sweet spot”.


Stretch uses symmetrical, round 50/50 rails with a hard edge in the tail. SUP’s incorporate modified deck channels to step down the rail profile for a responsive feel.


Designed to be hydrodynamically efficient in wave riding conditions, Stretch SUP’s feature vee in the nose to cut through surface chop with a flat mid section for lift and stability. Increased vee in the tail aids in rail to rail transitions and smooth turns.


All SUP’s are custom crafted one at a time in Santa Cruz, CA. Each SUP features 1.5pcf density Marko Foam EPS, 1/8” bass wood stringer, Resin Research Epoxy Resin and Stretch’s exclusive C/TEX lamination. Texalium inlays combined with direct sized Hexcel E-cloth and carbon fiber rail wraps offer high impact strength without the rigid surface feel of a sandwich composite molded production board. Utilizing a refined design in an EPS core with wood stringers and hand laminated skins provides a livelier and more recognizable flex pattern that is more user friendly in all conditions.

We believe in using the best materials and custom building one at a time in order to produce a superior SUP which is lightweight yet strong, flexible, predictable and confident in any wave type. Our SUP’s are designed to yield to sharp pressure so that a defined “sweet spot” and ergonomic contour footing is formed throughout its break-in period. There’s nothing artificial about it. Stretch SUP’s are engineered with the rider in mind.

Stand Up Paddleboards

Description MSRP Notes
SUP C/TEX 10'0" and under $1,650 carbon rails, 6oz. + texalium lamination
SUP C/TEX above 10'0" $1,750 carbon rails, 6oz. + texalium lamination
SUP Standard 10'0" and under $1,400 double 6oz. Bottom, double 6oz.+patch deck
SUP Standard above 10'0" $1,460 double 6oz. Bottom, double 6oz.+patch deck
    *pricing is board only. No pads, fins
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