Eco-Tech Sustainable Materials Environmentally Conscious Custom Surfboards

Here in Santa Cruz California we do our best to keep it green.
Stretch Boards are made using sustainable technology with a focus on performance and durability.

Eco-Tech describes our environmentally conscious construction, it consists of:
Marko Envirofoam – a 100% recycled EPS foam blank. The blanks are made using clean steam, they are 100% recyclable, and release no harmful chemical compounds.

Bamboo stringer – Bamboo is a sustainable resource and provides a strong, flexible stringer.

Entropy Bio Resin – Is a high performance eco-resin that replaces petroleum based chemicals with biobased renewable feedstocks.
Learn more about the the Super Natural Materials on the Entropy Resins Website

Waste to Waves is a program by non-profit Sustainable Surf.
They recycle waste polystyrene foam into new surfboards.
Stretch Boards participates in the Waste to Waves program. Bring us your waste polystyrene foam, we’ll make sure it’s recycled.

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