Darshan Gooch


Darshan Gooch is proof that personality bleeds into your surfing, because the same adjectives that you would use to describe his style in the water — confident, graceful, smooth — could be applied to his demeanor on land. He’s just a giant ball of positive energy. And while his warm presence is consistent no matter where he is, the craft he chooses is as varied as the waves he rides. Shortboard. Longboard. Twin-fin. Keel-fin. No fin. Darshan embraces it all not because it’s trendy, but because he knows that variety is the spice of life, and his life is surfing.

words from Taylor Paul (Surfing Magazine)


Santa Cruz, CA

height: 6’4″ (193cm)
weight: 185lbs. (84kg)


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    • IT 7’0″ x 21.5″ x 2.65″

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    • 2win 5’11” x 19.75″ x 2.375″

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Gooch + Super Buzz sk8 + skate ramp wedge = awesome! photo: @seanjansenphoto

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 3.04.36 PM

Darshan Gooch gliding at dawn. photo: Ryan Craig @chachfiles

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 3.05.20 PM