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5’8″ Super Buzz sk8 deck CFT std with Darshan Gooch

“First ride impressions” is a new and ongoing feature showcasing one rider’s experience with a Stretch board model of choice. Here, Darshan provides and honest evaluation of the sk8 deck version of the Super Buzz model after his first few sessions.


Darshan is 6’4″. His Super Buzz sk8 is 5’8″. photo: D.Aumentado


Name: Darshan Gooch

Height/weight: 6’4″ 180lbs


Aipa 5.4″ twin fronts matched with Mulcoy HC 3.8 quad rears. photo: D.Aumentado

Model/size/fin set up: Super Buzz sk8 deck: 5’8″X 20.25″ X 2.1″ Future quad with Akila Aipa Fiberglass twin-fin fronts and Josh Mulcoy signature HC rear quad fins.

Location/conditions: Pleasure Point: 4-6 foot slopey faced walls with an occasional section here and there. Lots of obstacles, but a few moments of opportunity to open up and draw out some open face turns, lots of cutbacks.

Rider background (general skill level, current board(s), misc. other factors ):

Passionate free surfer of sorts. Tall and lanky lackadaisical approach.

Initial thoughts/expectations (was this really what you thought you were getting?):

Coming into this with no prior knowledge or experience of Stretch’s boards in the past, this was a great opportunity and a fresh starting point of interest for me. Mentally I can’t say I had many preconceived notions of how things would go, which allowed me to come from a natural and intuitive place.

Ride experience:

Immediately from the get go I found a great availability and sense of speed from the entry point of the wave. From the initial drive into my bottom turn, I noticed there was this exaggerated sensibility and projection which was being generated from my back foot. The thing just took off! Initially it took me a moment to mentally adjust into not having the extra length, surface area, and entry rocker of a standard shortboard. But it wasn’t long before this board found it’s groove and allowed me to see where I could weave into tighter places of the wave, quicker and easier than before.


An abundance of speed, control and maneuverability at your disposal. Great motivator for average to decent waves when you may be looking for a little extra excitement in the daily doldrums.


Easily influenced and sensitive under your feet. This board may keep you honest in your movements and subtleties. Low entry rocker may be challenging in some areas if you aren’t compensating with your back foot.

Summary (your best one sentence description, recommendations or overall feeling):

A great board to add into your daily drivers category when you may be looking for that extra spark of motivation and wanting to spice up your life with an extra little bit of excitement.


Super Buzz features a full outline, performance rocker and familiar foil that provide speed, control and ease of use. Even Niko the kitty likes it! photo: D.Aumentado

Words of wisdom from Nathan Fletcher

Fatherhood, making an impression in heavy line-ups, the future of surfing and more…

Nathan once told me that smoking cigarettes helped with oxygen deprivation training for big waves. I would’ve called bullshit on his approach except that he paddles into waves that give me nightmares.

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If you have the board and the balls, sometimes you won't need to call anyone off. photo: Fred, theshot.com.br

If you have the board and the balls, sometimes you won’t need to call anyone off. photo: Fred, theshot.com.br


Learn Stretch’s thoughts and guidelines on how to order dims for sizing up from your daily driver. You’ll need that extra little bit sooner or later. How much extra? Which model? What dims?

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Wiggolly’s board choice for Teahupo’o

Early into the contest window for the 2015 WSL Billabong Tahiti Pro and we’re already part way through round 3. Tricky conditions with side shore winds and sets bouncing through west bowl provide tricky yet exciting conditions. Stretch team rider Wiggolly Dantas is still proving that his demeanor in challenging conditions is worthy of a top finish and is heating up a race for 2015 rookie of the year.

round 1 board selection for Wiggolly was his 6’1″ x 18.3″ x 2.35″ Sword in CFT medium construction including marko foam 2.1pcf EPS blank, double layer bottom in epoxy lamination, FCS II fin system and sans deck channels. Yep, no deck channels…. Wiggolly is picky about which boards get deck channels and some boards just don’t get them, particularly contest boards.

The switch from his red halo 6’1″ in round were in favor of his 5’11” Sword in round 2 when he went head to head against Kolohe Andino and then in round 3 against Wilko. Same construction as his CFT medium 6’1″ but that flying blue halo was shaped at 5’11” x 18.4″ x 2.25″ with thumb tail.

Wishing Wiggolly best of luck and looking forward to seeing how the contest progresses continuing into round 4.

check Wiggolly’s round 1 heat re-cap on his 6’1″ Sword here

view round 2 heat re-cap here

and round 3 heat vs. Wilko here


Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 8.17.15 PM

Wiggolly scorching through a round 3 barrel at the 2015 billabong pro teahupo’o. photo courtesy: WSL – Kelly Cestari

Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 8.18.07 PM

Wiggolly hitting the brakes on his 5’11” Sword in round 2. photo courtesey: WSL – Kelly Cestari

Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 8.17.48 PM

Wiggolly disproving misconceptions of what a legitimate EPS/EPOXY construction matrix can handle. photo courtesey: WSL – Kelly Cestari