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Updates and news about Team Stretch

Words of wisdom from Nathan Fletcher

Fatherhood, making an impression in heavy line-ups, the future of surfing and more… Nathan once told me that smoking cigarettes helped with oxygen deprivation training for big waves. I would’ve called bullshit on his approach except that he paddles into waves that give me nightmares. Read “Unconventional Wisdom: Nathan Fletcher”on

Wiggolly’s board choice for Teahupo’o

Early into the contest window for the 2015 WSL Billabong Tahiti Pro and we’re already part way through round 3. Tricky conditions with side shore winds and sets bouncing through west bowl provide tricky yet exciting conditions. Stretch team rider Wiggolly Dantas is still proving that his demeanor in challenging conditions is worthy of a … Continue reading Wiggolly’s board choice for Teahupo’o »