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Mulcoy featured in Winter/Spring issue of Wakesurfing Magazine

Wakesurfing Magazine winter/spring 2009The “hardest working man in surfing”? I’m not sure exactly what the criteria is for that but from the looks of it, Josh Mulcoy is getting our vote. Ramping out on his 5’4” x 19.5” x 2” wakesurfer on the cover of the latest issue of Wakesurfing Magazine makes him the only guy I know who has graced the cover of three different wave riding publications through their respective genre. If you really want to count all the other magazine covers he’s been featured on than you can make it 6 in all. Who’s counting though? Whether it’s a kite in hand, boat in the peripheral or just good ‘ole paddle power, Josh will always be putting his surfboard into positions we can only admire. Way to go buddy!

Mouse on over to: and check out the goods.

If that doesn’t get you psyched to take the shrink wrap off the boat and start calling up the crew for a lakeside punish, then float over to: and get yourself a subscription to Wakesurfing Magazine already!

Cold winters are a thing of the past. The sun is out, Spring is here and with the boat dialed, the waves are never flat. In honor of Josh blasting out on the cover with his Technicolor Fox wetsuit, we’re offering free airbrush on any custom wakesurf orders for the month of April. Get some!