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Wiggolly Dantas wins 2nd Place at the Volcom Pipe Pro Contest

Wiggolly Dantas wins 2nd Place at the Volcom Pipe Pro contest at Pipeline, North Shore Oahu Hawaii.


On a custom 6’8″ Stretch Semi Gun Surfboard, Wiggolly Dantas beat some of the biggest names in surfing at the Volcom Pipe Pro Contest.
Wiggolly took home $10,000 and the 2nd place title.

Stretch and everyone at the factory were watching the contest on the edge of our seats, routing for Wiggolly.
We’re all very stoked for Wiggolly!





Photographer Laurent Pujol Behind the Bruce Irons Surfing Magazine Cover

In this short piece, French photographer Laurent Pujol sits in front of the camera to share the story behind the Surfing Magazine January 2014 Cover Shot of Bruce Irons.

Bruce is riding his 5’7″ x 2 ¼” x 18 ⅝” Stretch 2×4, EPS Tech, Channel Rails, Carbon Tail Strips, Bat Tail, Quad, Stretch Fins

Again, we send out a huge congratulations to Laurent Pujol and Bruce Irons for capturing this moment, and to Surfing Magazine for sharing this.

Read more on the Surfing Magazine site

Bruce Irons Sequence of the Week on Surfline

Stoked to see the Surfline Sequence of the Week of Bruce Irons at Backdoor!

Stretch originally designed the 5’6” Buzzsaw, concave deck board Bruce is riding in the sequence for a contest in Bali, interesting to see Bruce pulled it out to surf Backdoor.


The Surfline Sequence of the Week of Bruce was shot by amazing surf photographer Ryan Craig. Check out Ryan’s sequence here on Surfline

Follow Ryan Craig on Instagram @chachfiles

Garrett McNamara Charging Big Waves in Nazare Portugal on Stretch Buzz Gun

Garrett McNamara is on a quest to surf the biggest wave on the planet.
A large storm brought swell to Nazare Portugal where Garrett and several other big wave surfers waited, ready to charge.

Here’s video from Surf Total of Garrett McNamara paddling into a wave on a custom Stretch Buzz Gun.

Here’s a few pics of the 12′ Buzz Gun custom shaped for Garrett McNamara.
The board is built to handle the biggest waves on the planet.
A special construction method using cork on the deck of the board and bamboo on the bottom, along with the Stretch EPS Tech reinforces the board to handle monster waves.





Stretch and the factory crew here is Santa Cruz California are stoked for Garrett and are looking forward to seeing him on bigger waves this winter.

Salman Agah orders custom Buzzsaw

Last week professional skateboarder and Pizzanista founder Salman Agah stopped by the Stretch factory to share stories of his close encounter with a Great White shark while surfing El Porto in Manhattan Beach, and to order a custom Buzzsaw.

Stretch and Salman talked about skating pools back in the day and Stretch helped dial in a custom order for a performance board for Salman.



Dave gave Salman a tour of the Factory and explained the board manufacturing process.
Salman and Dave posed for a photo, Dave’s holding Salman’s board with special shark deflecting graphic..Salman’s holding the Stretch Bat Loco air induction board with Kevin Walsh’s custom art.


Several guys on the Stretch crew grew up skateboarding and we’re stoked to meet Salman.

All around good times.

Checkout Salman on Instagram and if you’re ever in LA stop by Pizzanista

Eco-Tech Sustainable Materials Environmentally Conscious Custom Surfboards

Here in Santa Cruz California we do our best to keep it green.
Stretch Boards are made using sustainable technology with a focus on performance and durability.

Eco-Tech describes our environmentally conscious construction, it consists of:
Marko Envirofoam – a 100% recycled EPS foam blank. The blanks are made using clean steam, they are 100% recyclable, and release no harmful chemical compounds.

Bamboo stringer – Bamboo is a sustainable resource and provides a strong, flexible stringer.

Entropy Bio Resin – Is a high performance eco-resin that replaces petroleum based chemicals with biobased renewable feedstocks.
Learn more about the the Super Natural Materials on the Entropy Resins Website

Waste to Waves is a program by non-profit Sustainable Surf.
They recycle waste polystyrene foam into new surfboards.
Stretch Boards participates in the Waste to Waves program. Bring us your waste polystyrene foam, we’ll make sure it’s recycled.

Learn more at:

FCS II Fin Boxes Available



They’re here, the new FCS II fin boxes. You can order you’re next board with the new FCS II fin system.
If you ride FCS fins, you’re current fins will fit in the new boxes.

If you’re wondering what the FCS II fin system is all about..check out the videos below and visit the FCS site to learn more.

We tested the new FCS II system on our new Buzzsaw model, it felt great to easily remove and swap out fins, performance wise, the board felt faster and more responsive.