Sk8 deck = Rider perspectives on the “unusually familiar” deck profile

It’s like we’ve all seen it before but either wrote it off of flushed it out of our view of performance surf craft design. It’s a prominent feature in the Stretch model line and something that people are asking about more and more.

I wanted to gather thoughts about the Sk8 deck that Stretch incorporates into specific models from the team riders who ride them. The riders included the likes of:

Darshan Gooch: 6’4″ 185lbs. regular foot from Santa Cruz, CA

Super Buzz sk8 CFT 5’9″ x 20.125″ x 2.2″ with Buzz 3.1 template quad fins 4.875″/4.0″

Miky Picon: 5’8″ 176lbs. goofy foot from Hossegor, France

Buzzsaw sk8 CFT 5’6″ x 19″ x2.1″ on up to 6’6″ round pin step up Buzzsaw sk8’s

Andrew Bennett: 5’10” 175lbs. goofy foot from Santa Barbara, CA

Buzzsaw sk8 CFT 5’6.5″ x 18.75″ x 2.1″ *with “relaxed” sk8 deck*

Adam Robertson: 5’10” 189lbs. regular foot from Victoria, Australia

Buzzsaw sk8 CFT 5’10.5″ x 19″ x 2.25″


Who is the sk8 deck designed for?

Darshan: The Sk8 deck may be best suited to most intermediate to advanced surfers who may be looking to spice up their mundane small wave game.

Andrew: Anyone looking for a little extra paddle power and float while wanting to ride a really short board.

Adam: I think surfers that want to feel a different sensation at speed. It’s almost like the board hits a certain speed and turns into this stable board that’s amazing, at the slower speeds I have trouble feeling confident on it.  But when it hits that speed it just transforms into this SICK board.

Miky: It was designed for me!


Where have you been surfing the sk8 deck models most?

Darshan: Beach breaks, reef breaks, wedges and ledges. All may be productive grounds in gaining additional connectivity and a controlled sensibility underneath your feet.

Andrew: Rip-able California waves.

Adam: I took a trip to QLD recently with the family, and took the Buzzsaw, quad fin Stretch template for Buzzsaws.  It went AMAZING at Snapper and D’bah in the sucky beach breaks up there.  I had a couple of surfs where I don’t think a board could go better.  I was totally freaking out. There was a point in the carve where the board whipped back under my feet so fast and almost felt like a sling shot into the next carve.  It was unbelievable, even Mick Fanning who was out there was asking me what I was riding.

Miky: France, Europe, Trestles , Indo all on glassy or offshore conditions.


What are your initial thoughts on the sk8 deck?

Darshan: The Super Buzz seemed to be a great choice for the Sk8 deck concave due to additional width and surface area. Considering the fact I’m stuck with a size 13 foot the rest of my life, it may be more challenging to fit a reasonably suited concave into a narrower board for me personally.

Andrew: Volume redistributed.

Adam: Concave deck = awesome

Miky: Fun , fast , carve amazing and good paddle. U can surf way shorter and draw different lines.


How has the sk8 deck altered your thoughts on boards or your approach to surfing?

Darshan: It breaks monotony. If you are just plain tired of eating oatmeal everyday and need to break out of your daily routines, you can do that easily with the sk8 deck. Without taking risks nothing new is ever achieved or gained.

Andrew: Extra stability of the concave deck and less volume on the actual rail.

Adam: Tightness of the board, tight in re-entries but also the tightness of the carve,  the rocker just suited the curvature of the wave.  I like that resistance in a tight spot on the wave, so that was really pleasing to not have to compromise.

Miky: Thoughts on board design. Butt tail, and love to play with the thickness, i love to have some thinner ones for hollow waves like Indo and thicker ones on point break for more drive


When does the sk8 deck prove it’s presence to you most dramatically?

Darshan: Immediately after jumping into a Sk8 deck concave I was blown away at how well the board stuck to my feet. Whether it be in the air or leaning into turns, there was an additional sense of leverage and confidence knowing I could be as firmly grounded in my stance as needed.

Andrew: Most of the time when i’m at home. It’s hard to ignore it’s there.

Adam: I do have trouble on the board in Victoria – I feel it’s due to wave face curvature (up to a certain wave height or whatever).

Miky: All year everyday.


stretch sk8 deck video from Stretch Boards on Vimeo.



darshan and stretch mull over the various nuances of the concave sk8 deck.



miky picon feeling the small wave connection on his 5’6″ buzzsaw sk8. photo: jean-marc amoyal


miky enjoys the ability to ride shorter lengths and draw different lines with his sk8 deck buzzsaw. photo: jeff ruiz


a few of miky’s buzzsaw sk8’s.




nathan firmly planted on his buzzsaw sk8 at pipe. photo: ©HANK FOTO


Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 12.49.48 PM

nathan’s daily buzzsaw sk8 is 5’6″ x 19″ x 2.1″ and has 26.5L volume.