William Aliotti’s favorite boards

Willy has been haunting his local beloved sand bars this past summer on his new THING model. I asked him 5 quick questions to learn why he’s so enamored by the do it all daily driver…

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THINGv2 5’9″ x 18.187″ x 2.13″ CFT med construction with abstract epoxy color lamination. photo: Andrew Christie

SB: What are your dims on the THING and why do you like it?

WA: The THING  and the Lil Buddy are my favorite. The THING is a 5’9. They have super sharp rails that aren’t too boxy meaning they are super reactive to my movements on a wave. Compared to my Sword models, the boards are also pretty flat which means i can generate a lot more speed.

SB: What construction are you riding and how does it feel compared to other poly boards or shapes you’ve ridden?

WA: The different materials used in stretch boards,(e.g the epoxy) means that the boards are lighter and more flexible compared to the standard brands.

SB: Where have you been liking to surf recently?

WA: I spent most of my time back home in France this year, surfing beach break’s. The boards have worked pretty well regardless of the ever changing banks and wave size/shape. I also took my Lil Buddy and the THING (round tail) to Salina Cruz, Mexico earlier in the year. Both boards were fast and easily controlled, meaning i scored plenty of tubes!!

SB: For the type of surfing that you do, what board model do you like best?

WA: I like to keep my surfing varied, trying to adapt the maneuvers i preform depending on what the wave is offering. The best part is that all of my Stretch boards allow me to surf in any conditions. The boards aren’t suited to one certain type of wave, they are suited to all..they are perfect.

SB: Who do you think should be looking at Stretch boards for their next purchase?

WA: In my opinion these boards are suited to all styles of surfer. I have found that the boards have ‘ 9 lives ‘ in a way that it allows you to correct your mistakes on a wave, instead of you wiping out at these mistakes if you were riding a generic board brand. Beginners, intermediate and pro can all use these boards.


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