CFT construction = “Custom surfboards”

Having  a reputable shaper sign a custom board just for you is a special thing.

Think about it. What services offer the complete customization and tailoring of an item for the level of enjoyment we are after? From cars to bikes, sandwiches to frozen yogurt, suits to wedding cakes, there are plenty of things that can be modified heavily and carry some sort of appropriate monetary value for the effort required to make it unique and one of a kind. Should a surfboard be any different? Not all surfers are the same and not all waves are identical. Why should your surfboard be the same as everyone else’s? Whether it’s adding avocado to your cheese sandwich or upgrading your suspension package on your rig, the point is that fully customizing your new surfboard shouldn’t be any different.

Want a polyurethane core with epoxy glassing? Extra deep deck channels? Pink polka dots over neon green? Round pin slightly narrower than your buddies? Thinner tail or thicker rails than stock? No problem. Options exist and they are there for you to use at will. We’ll help you make the most of them for your individual board.


CFT order cards