Wiggolly Dantas competing in the ASP Fiji Pro Contest

Stretch team rider Wiggolly Dantas got the wildcard and will be competing in the ASP Fiji Pro contest.

Wiggolly gave us a call last minute on Thursday telling us the good news and needing a fresh quiver of boards for the contest.

Wiggolly jumped on a Non-Stop flight from Sao Paulo Brazil to Los Angeles where he met up with his sister in Santa Monica for a bit while waiting for the flight from Los Angeles to Fiji.

We packed up 5 boards in Santa Cruz California, drove to San Jose International Airport and hand delivered them to him in Los Angeles.

I was able to snap this one photo before getting heat by the security guards at the luxury resort style beach front property.


Wiggolly Dantas won 2nd place to Kelly Slater at the Volcom Pipe Pro contest and took first place at the WQS Quiksilver Saquarema Prime contest.

Stretch and the factory crew will all be rooting for Wiggolly in the ASP Fiji Pro contest!!

Go Wiggolly!!!