Custom Stretch Super Buzz Surfboard

The Super Buzz model evolved from the Buzz line, and is a fun all around board.

The Super Buzz features the same deep single to double concaves as Mr. Buzz yet in a much more user-friendly rocker and outline.
Super Buzz utilizes bottom contours and curves that allow it to be extremely hydrodynamically efficient. It can be ridden at or near the same volume as your normal daily driver shortboard.


This custom SuperBuzz was a special order with all sorts of add ons.
The dimensions on this Super Buzz are: 5’4″ x 20.5″ x 2.25″
It has a concave skate deck, Powerlinez Parabolic Stringer, vector net carbon fiber top and bottom, carbon fiber rail wrap, carbon fiber tail strips, five fin FCS2 boxes, EPS Tech, channel rails, diamond tail, and a custom resin tint. If you’re looking to fully customize your next order here’s an example of going all out.