Garrett McNamara Charging Big Waves in Nazare Portugal on Stretch Buzz Gun

Garrett McNamara is on a quest to surf the biggest wave on the planet.
A large storm brought swell to Nazare Portugal where Garrett and several other big wave surfers waited, ready to charge.

Here’s video from Surf Total of Garrett McNamara paddling into a wave on a custom Stretch Buzz Gun.

Here’s a few pics of the 12′ Buzz Gun custom shaped for Garrett McNamara.
The board is built to handle the biggest waves on the planet.
A special construction method using cork on the deck of the board and bamboo on the bottom, along with the Stretch EPS Tech reinforces the board to handle monster waves.





Stretch and the factory crew here is Santa Cruz California are stoked for Garrett and are looking forward to seeing him on bigger waves this winter.