Salman Agah orders custom Buzzsaw

Last week professional skateboarder and Pizzanista founder Salman Agah stopped by the Stretch factory to share stories of his close encounter with a Great White shark while surfing El Porto in Manhattan Beach, and to order a custom Buzzsaw.

Stretch and Salman talked about skating pools back in the day and Stretch helped dial in a custom order for a performance board for Salman.



Dave gave Salman a tour of the Factory and explained the board manufacturing process.
Salman and Dave posed for a photo, Dave’s holding Salman’s board with special shark deflecting graphic..Salman’s holding the Stretch Bat Loco air induction board with Kevin Walsh’s custom art.


Several guys on the Stretch crew grew up skateboarding and we’re stoked to meet Salman.

All around good times.

Checkout Salman on Instagram and if you’re ever in LA stop by Pizzanista