Square One

40 years of R & D thruster

The "Square One" is the culmination of my 40 years shaping tri fins. In 1980 I saw Simon Anderson surfing Swamies on his hand shaped “thruster”. It was months before his Bells and Pipe victory and word travelled slower back then. 24 hours after seeing his design I drove back home to Northern CA and started glassing on center fins to my already completed twins. I made a batch of the first seen thrusters in Santa Cruz for the younger locals including Chris Gallagher, Mark Machado and Chris “the bear” Green.

Based on feedback from team riders and years of R & D we have refined the rocker, outline, and tuned the rails with proven thickness flow. I have combined the best of the best which brings me back to Square One.

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  • Neutral-continuous rocker to accommodate to front & back foot surfers
  • Wide point centered for improved paddability
  • Designed for predictability and to carry speed
  • 3 fin Futures or FCSII
  • Available stock sizes 5’5 to 6'4
Square One logo
  • Choose from FCS Fusion or Future Fin System
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