Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard
Semi-Gun surfboard


Never bring a knife to a gun fight

The most trustworthy companion for every serious traveling surfer.

  • Proven rocker and optimum foil for a steady and predictable paddle machine
  • New school outline with sufficient tail width supports both tri –fin for top to bottom surfing and quad setup for mach speed high-line exits
  • Bottom contours feature reverse vee to slight single concave

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If you have the desire to chase down a bomb then you should have a board that will let you do it. Bigger surf is a rarity and one can easily over think it right down to the wire. The reality about Stretch’s Semi-gun’s however is that they are brutally simple.

With a library of applied hydrodnamic principles utilized across a multitude of disciplines, one would think that the mild single concave running off a reverse VEE design platform is lacking in complexity. The understated yet highly effective bottom contours allow you to paddle into heavier water situations with control and speed.

A sleek yet curvy outline provides control in steep and powerful surf while allowing the convertible fin cluster optimum variability to suit either quad or tri for whatever flavor suits your style and wave conditions. Combined with increased rocker and a racey foil through the tail, the Semi-gun harnesses increased wave energy into confidence and a commanding authority.

Semi-gun’s are not stand-alone boards. You can paddle them in from deep, drive from further back and do soul carves all day. They have a special spot in every serious surfer’s quiver and have logged more airline miles to epic surf spots than any board that’s ever been stuffed into my travel bag.

Custom Artwork

Stretch Boards works with pen artist Kevin Walsh to create custom artwork. Contact us for pricing.


Stretch boards offers airbrushing on all custom orders.

  • Solid color airbrush is $40
  • One-color fade is $40 (nose/tail/halo)
  • Two-color fade or halos are $50 (includes white)
  • Tail dip $45
  • Brush fade $70
  • Taped rails $60
  • Large boards (above 8'0") are extra $10
  • Pin line $50
  • Abstract color lamination $120/side
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red
  • One-color halo Choose your color
  • One-color halo (nose)Choose your color
  • One-color halo (tail)Choose your color
  • Two-color haloChoose your colors
  • One-color fade (nose)Choose your color
  • One-color fade (tail)Choose your color
  • Two-color fadeChoose your colors
  • Single pinlineChoose your color
  • Double pinlineChoose your colors


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