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  • Semi Gun Tri Fin in Blue
  • Semi Gun Quad in Red

When you step out of small wave conditions, you'll want a board that will react, turn and drive like your shortboard without suffering big board "drama". Length, thickness flow, rail height, rocker values, width, volumetric displacement, hydrodynamic fin foils, lift to drag coefficient, fluid cohesion, reduced wetted surface, repositioned center of gravity... What it all boils down to is control. Having complete confidence to draw lines smooth and flowy or snappy and loose without ever missing a beat is what makes a board magic. Large or small, the Semi-Gun is the coveted board in every serious surfers quiver.

Recommended sizes


Tail Options

Types of Tails

Round Pin Tail

  • Moves the "sweet spot" slightly farther ahead on the board, in front of the fin cluster.
  • Offers a different release & hold for deep carves and more drawn out turns
  • Shortens the "effective rail line" and with respect to board length, resulting in less area on the tail to penetrate the wave face so that you can actually sink a section of tail deeper than other templates.

Thumb Tail

  • Softens the pivot points on the end of the rail line while keeping a smooth flow like a round pin without taking away the tail width

Squash Tail

  • Top to bottom surfing
  • Free the tail on all your turns
  • HIt the lip and more while you rip it down the line.

Bat Tail

  • Offers a more pivotal, snappy feel
  • Loosens up the board by having the rail line end shorter
  • Relative to other tails, the bat is wider at the block, allowing the rear foot to move further back in to the fin cluster.
  • Combines the swallow tail feel but with more stability

Diamond Tail

  • Offers an aesthetic alternative to the bat tail while keeping the same performance features

Swallow Tail

  • Quick, loose and responsive for snappy turns off the top
  • For similar results with a more distinctive look, try our Moon tail

Baby Swallow Tail

  • Quick, loose and responsive for snappy turns off the top
  • Baby swallow tail is a reduced version primarily used on big wave boards

Deep Swallow Tail

  • Quick, loose and responsive for snappy turns off the top
  • For similar results with a more distinctive look, try our Moon tail

Moon Tail

  • With performance features similar to the swallow tail, the Moon adds a much more distinctive look.

Winged Tail

  • Pulls in the outline at the trailing edge of the fins as a way to break the water along the rail line.
  • Adds a snappier and more pivotal turning characteristic as opposed to a full rail turn.

Fin Options

  • Available as tri or quad
  • Choose from Future or FCS

Stretch's semi-guns should be ridden with smaller yet fuller high aspect ratio fins from 4"-4 1/4". Custom Stretch designed fins from Rainbow Fin Co. or Future are available in fiberglass, RTM and G-10.

Weight Options

Weighting systems are calculated based on rider, wave type and board design. They can be added to any gun in 1/2 lb. increments up to 5 lbs. Strategically weighting a board repositions the center of gravity for enhanced response and control.

Weight installation

Each weight install is placed into the shaped blank and glassed over for strength and integrity. First lb. is $25.00 and $10.00 for each additional lb.


The tri fin semi-gun is a balanced template with the wide point exact center. It has generous outline curve while still utilizing a moderately pulled tail. The quad semi-gun has the wide point back 1" behind center. Characteristic of the Fletcher Four-fin outline, it has straighter rails from the mid-section into a narrower tail block to retain speed and offer maximum drive through fast and steep sections.


A relatively low entry rocker into a continuous curve with increased tail rocker gives the board easier paddling, control and mobility.


Relatively thin rails while thickness under your chest stays prominent. Rail height on "step-up's" in your quiver is set according to your preferred shortboard dimensions. Rails are round and soft with a hard edge behind the fins.


Stretch's semi-guns feature "reverse vee". Panel vee in the nose transitions to flat into the tail with a very slight concave in front of the fins.


All Boards 6’5” and under include:

  • 2lb PCF Marko EPS foam
  • 3/16” Para Band Bass Stringers
  • Hexcel RWG Direct Size “E” Cloth
  • JPS Direct Size Bias Weave “S” Cloth
  • Resin Research Epoxy Resin
  • Deck Channels
  • * Medium to heavy construction available above 6’5”

Custom Artwork

Stretch Boards works with pen artist Kevin Walsh to create custom artwork. Contact us for pricing.


Stretch boards offers airbrushing on all custom orders.

  • Solid color airbrush is $25
  • One-color fade is $30 (nose/tail/halo)
  • Two-color fade or halos are $35 (includes white)
  • Large boards (above 8'0") are extra $5
  • Single pin line are $15
  • Double pin lines $25
  • Color lamination $60/per side
  • Full board tint lamination is $75
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red
  • One-color halo Choose your color
  • One-color halo (nose)Choose your color
  • One-color halo (tail)Choose your color
  • Two-color haloChoose your colors
  • One-color fade (nose)Choose your color
  • One-color fade (tail)Choose your color
  • Two-color fadeChoose your colors
  • Single pinlineChoose your color
  • Double pinlineChoose your colors


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