Classic Longboard surfboard
Classic Longboard surfboard
Classic Longboard surfboard

Classic Longboard

Era specific design. Modern Stretch construction technology. Timeless style.

  • Curvy, predictable and easy to ride cruiser model
  • Flat rocker, rolled vee, belly bottom, 50/50 rails
  • Timeless styling for all skill levels
Some designs just never get old

With heritage dating back to a stalwart crew of Malibu surfing legends, Stretch’s iteration of the Classic Longboard is a reminder of what a surfer was back in the 1950’s. Craftsmen, pioneer, waterman, one of the boys.

Stretch’s father, Mike “Noodle” Riedel was a standout at the ‘Bu and the Classic Longboard model pays homage to a time when “shooting the curl” with style on equipment you built weighed heavily upon your surfing status.

Tradition passed down through the craft of custom surfboards is evident in the Stretch brand today. The Classic Longboard isn’t just another board in our model line, it’s a representation of what building all of our boards means to us, having the best equipment to do your best surfing.

Fast forward over 60 years later, the vision of chasing down lappers peeling across cobblestone points or getting silly on a frosty winter day between swells is still evident. There’s plenty of reasons why a Classic longboard is a must have in every surfer’s quiver.

The inherent stability, glide and predictability of a Classic longboard is found best in the 9’0” to 10’0” range for optimum paddling and maneuverability. Stretch’s design also benefits from increased width and thickness for stability and float.

The Classic has a full and curvy outline with a relatively flat rocker and rolled vee throughout. The 50/50 rails and nose concave keeps performance capabilities primed for when the urge to get funky kicks in (head dips, coffin rides and helicopter spins included!)

Easy to ride and super “Cruzy” makes this an excellent beginner board but the reliability and classic styling in a modern construction and custom build makes the Classic a unique mainstay for those looking to slide into a few fun peelers for generations to come.

Comes standard as a single fin only but can be customized for a 2+1 set up as well. Construction departs from the model specific design in the materials and production process. Heavier construction to attain an authentic weight yet more environmentally friendly and sustainable build practice round out the package.

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